Marriage Retreat Info!

We can’t find the words to tell you how excited we are that the 40th Committed for Life Marriage Retreat is now set to take place on the weekend of June 2-4, 2023 at Potawatomi Inn Resort and Conference Center in Pokagon State Park!   And we couldn’t ask for a more fitting featured speaker than our own pastor, Rev. Gordon Rowe!

For the weekend of this 40th retreat we are planning a First Friday reception, our 3rd Gold and Amethyst Gala on that Saturday evening, and a time of dynamic praise with our Sunday morning worship!

Since this is to be a special, milestone event, we are keeping the price for the retreat at $440 per couple.  That covers your lodging, meals, conference/workshop sessions and materials, and more.  The convenience of online registration, plus digital payment options are there at your fingertips!  (To make a payment through Zelle, direct your transaction to:

2023 06 Potawatomi Map

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